An opinionated but faster modern alternative to tsdx and microbundle

GitHub Project Home License: MIT

QuickTS is an attempt to buld a faster toolchain for TypeScript projects. It's a work in progress and still not ready for production.

Zero config, productivity focused

  • Fastest Possible Toolchain — QuickTS uses ESBuild under the hood, ensuring lightning fast dev builds

  • DeepSource for Code Quality — DeepSource helps you write clean code on every pull-request.

  • Github Actions for testing and publishing — Preset Action for you to test and publish instantly.

  • API Docs using TypeDoc — Automatically convert comments in TypeScript source code into rendered HTML documentation.

  • Optional CSS Bundling — Optionally enable CSS bundling for UI libraries

  • And much more — QuickTS bootstraps your project with Jest for testing, Prettier and ESLint for maintaing consistent style.

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