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Front End engineering at DeepSource, focusing on Vue, Nuxt, TypeScript with a pinch of GraphQL. This page has a list of my projects and my writings. You can find me on twitter @scmmishra and on GitHub.


25 Nov, 2022

Vue Outside Click Directive

You might have used v-model, v-if, v-for or v-show shipped with Vue Core. These utilities are called directives, these are tiny commands that you can attach to DOM elements.

Vue Directives

When building apps, the primary form of code reuse and abstraction that Vue has to offer is components - however there may be cases where you may need some low-level DOM access on plain elements, and this is where custom directives should be used. It’s important to note that directives are meant to encapsulate DOM manipulations only, while components are self-contained units that have their own view and data logic.

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